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Revised April 15, 2015



1.    PLAYER ELIGIBILITY                                                                                           2

2.    Retention of Local Players                                                                           2

3.    RELEASES AND RIGHTS OF THE TEAMS TO PLAYERS                                                2

4.    PLAYER REGISTRATION                                                                                      3

5.    LEAGUE STRUCTURE AND PLAYOFF FORMAT                                                          3

6.    ELIGIBILITY FOR PLAYOFFS                                                                                  4

7.    STANDINGS TIEBREAKER                                                                                    4

8.    OVERTIME                                                                                                       4

9.    AFFILIATED PLAYERS                                                                                         5

10.     GENERAL PLAYING RULES                                                                                 5

11.     CONDUCT OF GAMES                                                                                       5

12.     SCORE SHEETS AND GAME RESULTS                                                                   6

13.     POOR ICE CONDITIONS                                                                                    6

14.     TEAMS WITHOUT ARTIFICIAL ICE                                                                        7

15.     ADMISSIONS AND PASSES                                                                               7

16.     REIMBURSEMENT TO LEAGUE OFFICIALS                                                             7

17.     REFEREE-IN-CHIEF                                                                                           7

18.     PROTESTS AND APPEALS                                                                                 7

19.     AUTOMATIC SUSPENSIONS /FINES                                                                     8

20.     PROOF OF MAIN RESIDENCY                                                                             9

21.     MISCELLANEOUS                                                                                            9



1.1                To be eligible to participate, all players must be registered with the Hockey Manitoba and the CSHL.

1.2                With the exception of situations outlined in the By-Laws, players must be residents within the League Boundaries as defined in Section 3.1 Membership of The CSHL Constitution to be eligible to play in the CSHL.

1.3                A player who currently resides outside the League Boundaries but had previously resided within the League Boundaries as a yearlong basis, for three consecutive years and played minor hockey and/or in the Hanover-Tache Junior Hockey League (HTJHL) is considered eligible. Seasonal or temporary residents (i.e. students) are not eligible.

1.4                A player who establishes his main residency within the League Boundaries must do so prior to October 1st to be eligible to play the following season and must maintain residency until the end of the Season. Teams may apply for an exemption to this rule in writing to the executive.

1.5                A player who is participating in another league may also play in the CSHL providing he is eligible under the CSHL eligibility rules and is allowed to play under the Hockey Manitoba Affiliation rules.

1.6                In the event of disputes over player eligibility, the CSHL Executive may require a player or team to provide the necessary information or proof of eligibility.  For specific rules on proof of main residency, see By-Law 20.

1.7                 An Import Player is defined as a player not deemed local under any other area of the Constitution or By Laws. An Import player must be categorized into one of the following groups

     Category A : Any player that has particiapted in the MJHL or similar level (Junior A) or at a higher level.

     Category B : Any player not included in Category A but has particpated at the MMJHL- Junior B or simlar level or levels below.

     - Teams have the right to release an Import Player at any time under Hockey Manitoba rules. The league Executive may not grant a release to any import player.

     - All out of province imports will need approval by League Executive, to determine whether they fall into Category A or B

     - A team may not have more than 6 Import Players active of which no more than 3 belong to Category A

     - For the 2018-19 season,  Lac du Bonnnet will be  allowed 3 A and 7 B imports.

     - For the 2018-19 season, goalies are exempt from the import rule.

2.     Retention of Local Players

2.1                All players registering with the CSHL will be required, by default, to play for the CSHL team with the arena closest to their residence (home team).

2.2                A player may choose to play with a CSHL team where he has previously played minor hockey or in the HTJHL. This option is only available to him once during his CSHL career. In this event, that player then becomes that team’s property and is subject to all other By-Laws that apply.

2.3                A map agreed to by the Board of the CSHL and where a straight line from each arena will be used will decide closest arena.


3.1                A player moving from his hometown to another location within the CSHL boundary may play for his hometown without obtaining a release from the team to whose area he moved. This option is only available to him once during his career. Movement thereafter, requires a release.

3.2                A team may ask the league for an exemption for players that (a) do not reside within the league boundaries, and (b) have no substantial minor hockey connection to the community.

3.2.1           Teams that seek exemptions for players must provide up-to-date information about the player, including residency, statistics from previous years (i.e., and reason for exemption.

3.2.2           The information outlined in 3.2.1 will be distributed via email by the league president to team directors. 

 3.2.3           If the information is provided at the league meeting, the decision to grant an exemption will be put forward as a motion by the team director at the league meeting, requiring a seconder, and a decision will be made by majority decision by the team directors.  The rules for voting under the constitution shall apply.

3.2.4           If the information is provided via email and a league meeting is not scheduled within five (5) days, the Directors will be asked to reply to the president with their feedback.  A decision whether to grant the exception or not will be made by the league executive and will notify all team directors of the decision via email.

3.3                Once a player has received a release for two (2) consecutive years from his home team to the same team, he no longer needs a release to play for the team released to, but may return to his home team without a release.

3.4                Teams will not unreasonably withhold releases. If the President is satisfied that a release is being unreasonably denied, he may authorize a release on his own.

3.5                The President must approve all releases. The President will not unreasonably withhold approval of a release, however he can deny releases if they are not in the best interest of the CSHL, for example, an unusual number of releases from one team rendering that team non¬competitive.

3.6                No player Within the CSHL boundary will be given more than two (2) releases from separate teams during his CSHL career.

3.7                In the event a team takes a leave of absence from the league, players registered with the team prior to leave of absence may play for any team of their choosing (effectively becoming free agents) with league approval.  Players not previously registered with the team are subject to all other By-Laws and become property of the team closest to their residence.  If the team that ceased to play resumes play, all these players will automatically become its property again if their residence is closest to that arena as is required under By-Law 3.3.

3.8                Any player who plays for another team without being properly released will be considered an ineligible player, and the team he participated with will forfeit all games that that player played in and the team will be assessed a $200 fine.


4.1                All senior teams will receive a Hockey Manitoba roster form, which they may register up to twenty-five (25) players to their team.  At no time may a team have more than twenty-five (25) players registered on their roster, of which eighteen (18) players and two goalkeepers may dress for any game.  Goalkeepers must be clearly marked on roster forms and may only play goal. Teams may release players to provide roster spots for additional players.


5.1                League and playoff format will be determined at each organizational meeting in September.

5.2                In all playoff series the team finishing higher in the regular season standings (with ties in the standings decided by the rules in Bylaw 7) will have home ice advantage in that series.

5.3                The first round of playoffs must start within five (5) days of the end of the regular season, and must finish within fifteen (15) days of the first game.

5.4                Subsequent rounds of the playoffs must start within 2 (two) days of the completion of the previous series, and must be completed within 15 (fifteen) days of the first game. This applies to all series.

5.5                Prior to the beginning of any series, both teams must agree in writing to a playoff schedule and submit this schedule to the League President.


6.1                To be eligible to participate in playoffs, a player must have played in a minimum of five (5) regular season games.

6.2                A registered player who was unable to play his five (5) regular season games due to injury or illness may be considered eligible for playoffs upon providing satisfactory proof to the President. Satisfactory proof shall consist of a written declaration by a physician that the player was unable to participate due to injury or illness. This declaration must be submitted to the President within ten (10) days of the injury or diagnosis of illness; or within ten (10) days of registration.

6.3                An Affiliate Player is not required to play his five (5) games within the CSHL team providing he is on the team's roster and has played five (5) games with the affiliate team.

6.4                A goaltender does not have to play five (5) regular season games providing he is on the team's roster.

6.5                In the event of an injury to a goaltender, upon written declaration from a physician and permission from the President, a team may use an eligible goaltender from any other League team that is no longer in the playoffs. This goaltender may be used as a starting goaltender.


7.1                In the event of a positional tie in the standings, the following tiebreakers will be utilized to determine the order of finish:

7.1.1           Team with greatest number of wins is awarded the highest position.

7.1.2           If still tied, the team with the best win/loss record between the tied teams receives the highest position.

7.1.3           If still tied, the team with the best goals for and against differential between the tied teams will receive the highest position.

7.1.4           If still tied, the team with the best goals for and against differential for all games during the season will receive the highest position.

7.1.5           If still tied, positions will be determined by a coin toss in the presence of the CSHL President. 

8.       OVERTIME

8.1                During the regular season, ties after regulation time will be immediately followed by a five (5) minute sudden victory period. This five (5) minute period will feature 4 skaters against 4 skaters, provided this number is not affected by any carry over penalties from the third period.  If the score remains tied after the 5 min overtime 3 players from each team will be named for a shootout. The only players not eligible for the shootout are players serving 10 minute or gane misconducts.  If after this shootout the score remains tied the shootout will continue with all players eligible for the shootout till a winner is declared. If a team loses the game after either the overtime period or the shoot-out, they will be eligible for one (1) point in the standings.

8.2                During playoffs, ties after regulation time will be followed by a fifteen (15) minute break and a twenty (20) minute sudden death overtime period. If still tied, the break and period will be repeated until a winner is declared.


9.1                A team may register an unlimited number of Affiliate players in accordance with the Hockey Manitoba Affiliation Rules, and to all CSHL rules and By-laws.

9.2                Affiliate Players must wear the same equipment as required by the Affiliate's League.


10.1            Hockey Canada playing rules will be utilized by the CSHL, with the following exceptions:

10.1.1       A goaltender going to the players’ bench for adjustment of his equipment or treatment of an injury does not have to be replaced, providing he has the permission of the Referee.

10.1.2       In the event an alternate goaltender has to enter the game, upon first entry he will be allowed a warm-up.

10.1.3       Any curvature of stick will be allowed.

11.            CONDUCT OF GAMES

11.1            A team will not be allowed to start a game unless it has a minimum of nine (9) players including a goaltender.

11.2            A team unable to commence play within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled starting time will be fined $50.00 by the CSHL.

11.3            A team unable to commence play within thirty (30) minutes of the scheduled starting time will be fined an additional $50.00 and will forfeit the game.

11.4            A team forfeiting a game will be responsible for payment of the referee costs, arena rental of $250.00, and $200.00 compensation to the opposing team.

11.5            The CSHL may levy additional fines on a team that forfeits a game.

11.6            No Coaches or players will be allowed in the referee's room during a game.  Any team official that is found to have abused officials will be assessed a penalty of $100. One person from the home team will be allowed in the referee's room prior to the start of the 3rd period for payment to referees.

11.7            The suggested starting times for all regular season or playoff games will be 8:00 p.m. for weekday evening games, 7:00 pm for Saturday evening games and 2:30 p.m. for afternoon games. Scheduled start times can be altered upon mutual consent of both teams involved.

11.8            A decision on what colours home and visiting teams will be wearing during the course of the season will be made each year prior to the start of the season. This may be altered by mutual agreement between the teams.

11.9            The President must approve postponement due to storms or poor ice conditions by at least three (3) hours prior to the start of the game. Any other postponements will be considered a forfeited game.

11.9.1    Rescheduling of approved postponed games must be agreed to by both teams and must be done in writing to the President, Statistician, and Referee-in-Chief within forty-eight (48) hours.

11.9.2    Each team must play the full number of scheduled games. Failure to complete the schedule will result in the team being indefinitely suspended, and the team bond being forfeited. Reinstatement will require a majority vote at the next Annual Meeting.


12.1            The home team is responsible for supplying competent timekeepers and scorekeepers. The scorekeeper will maintain a summary of the game on a CSHL Game Report Form.

12.2            There are three (3) copies of the Game Report to be distributed as follows:

a)       Original: faxed or emailed immediately after the game to the League Statistician,

b)       2nd copy: retained by the home team,

c)       3rd copy: given to the visiting team immediately after the game

12.3            Players' full names are to be printed clearly on the score sheet and score sheets are to be signed by the manager and/or coach.

12.3.1       Any player who participates in a game without being registered with Hockey Manitoba and the League shall be considered an illegal player and By-Law 19.5 shall apply.

12.3.2       A player who participates in a game under the name of another player shall be considered an illegal player and By-Law 19.5 shall apply.

12.3.3       Where a player participates in a game and his name is not recorded on the game sheet, the team shall be fined $100.

12.4             A player may enter a game at any time providing he appears in full uniform and prints his name and initials the score sheet before participating.

12.5            Immediately after the completion of a game, the home team is responsible for telephoning the results to the radio station CHSM.

13.            POOR ICE CONDITIONS

13.1            A game called by the Referee due to poor ice conditions before the end of the first period will be replayed in its entirety.

13.2            A game called due to poor ice conditions after the first period but before the start of the third period will be continued at a later date.

13.3            A game may not be called due to poor ice conditions once the third period has begun.


14.1            Teams with home arenas without artificial ice will be required to schedule the second and subsequent rounds of playoffs in an arena with artificial ice. This arena must be within the CSHL boundaries. This applies to regular season games also.


15.1            The maximum admission prices for CSHL regular season games will be set prior to the start of each regular season and must not change throughout the subsequent regular season and playoffs.

15.2            Each team is to receive four (4) executive passes. These passes allow free admission to any CSHL regular season or playoff game. These passes must be presented at the ticket gate.

15.3            Members of the League Executive will be provided with 2 (two) Executive Passes each. 


16.1            A $10.00 mileage fee may be paid to Executive members for League and Executive meetings.

16.2            The President may retain the services of a secretary, and this secretary may be compensated at the discretion of the Executive.

17.            REFEREE-IN-CHIEF

17.1            The CSHL Governing board will appoint a Referee-In-Chief each year and will agree to compensation for his services.

17.2            The Referee-In-Chief will receive direction from the Governing Board with respect to the style of play that the CSHL wishes to promote, and in turn will direct his officials in this regard.

17.3            The Referee-In-Chief will be responsible for assigning officials for all CSHL games, and for assuring that officials are in attendance for each game.

17.4            The CSHL will operate with a one Referee, two linesmen system of officiating, unless otherwise agreed to at the organizational meeting in September.

17.5            A team not satisfied with the performance of an individual Game Official or team of Game Officials may advise the Referee-In-Chief and President in writing. The Referee-In-Chief will investigate and decide upon a course of action. 


18.1            A team wishing to protest the outcome of a game may do so in writing to the President within twenty-four (24) hours of the game or incident. A $150 nonrefundable fee must accompany the protest.

18.2            An appeal of a President's or Commissioner's ruling may be made to the Executive within five (5) days of their decision. A $75 fee must accompany the written appeal.

18.3            An appeal does not automatically lift a suspension.

18.4            Upon receiving an appeal, the Executive will schedule a hearing as soon as possible.

18.5            A further appeal of the Executive's decision can be made to the Governing Board. This appeal must be in writing to the President and received within five (5) days of the Executive's ruling. This appeal is to be accompanied by a $150 fee. This appeal is to be heard by the Governing Board and that decision will be final.

18.6            Appeal fees may be refunded if an appeal is successful.

18.7            The Executive's decision on player eligibility is final - no appeal is available.


19.1            The Hockey Manitoba and Hockey Canada rules with respect to automatic suspensions for infractions will be followed by the CSHL

19.2            In addition, the CSHL will assess the following automatic suspensions:

19.2.1Accumulation of penalty minutes for stick infractions during the regular season; i.e. slashing, butt ending, high-sticking, spearing, crosschecking:

a)       Total of 20 minutes: 1 game

b)       Every 10 minutes thereafter: 1 game

19.2.2Accumulation of penalty minutes for hitting from behind during the season:

a)       Total of 10 minutes: 1 game

b)       Every 10 minutes thereafter: 1 game

19.3            Teams are responsible for ensuring that players reaching the total accumulated minutes do not play the next game. Failure to sit out the player will result in forfeit of the game and a $50.00 fine.

19.4            The Commissioner may levy fines or suspensions or combinations of both, or request that bonds be posted at his discretion. This applies to actions of players, coaches, and management.

19.5            If a team is found to have an illegal player:

19.5.1       The illegal player is suspended until the CSHL deals with the situation.

19.5.2       Team is assessed a $500 fine per player and a $1000 team fine.

19.5.3       The team using an illegal player(s) will forfeit those games in which the ineligible player(s) has participated.

19.5.4       Manager is suspended from the team for one (1) year

19.5.5       Manager cannot be involved with any other team in the CSHL during his suspension

19.5.6       Manager is suspended from the arenas during CSHL games for the remainder of that season

19.5.7       All players playing for a team utilizing an illegal player(s) will lose all points scored in those games where the illegal player(s) has participated.


20.1            Residency means main residency.

20.2            It is the responsibility of the player and/or team he plays for to show proof of the player's main residency to the executive's satisfaction, upon request from the league.  Proof of residency includes any four (4) of the following:

a)       Property rent receipts

b)       Property tax statements

c)       Income tax statements

d)       Current driver’s license

e)       MPI vehicle registration

f)        Manitoba Health card

g)       Proof of employment within the team’s boundary (pay stub, tax forms, etc.)

h)       Other league-approved form(s) proving residency

20.3            Any player registered after December 1st must supply the Executive of the CSHL with the necessary proof of the player(s) eligibility.

20.4            A player/team has to satisfactorily prove eligibility to the Governing Board

20.5            Teams have until the last regular season game to ask for proof of eligibility of any player playing in the CSHL by sending a letter to the President requesting such proof, accompanied by a deposit of $200. The player(s) in question have twenty-four (24) hours to supply proof of eligibility to the executive. If the player is deemed ineligible, the deposit will be refunded, and the offending team will be fined $200, and forfeit any games that the ineligible player participated in. If the player is found to be eligible, the league will retain the deposit.


21.1            For purposes of League Awards, a rookie will be defined as a player who has not previously played in a higher level of hockey, example: professional or semi-professional; Senior University or competed in fifteen (15) CSHL regular season games.